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Market Demand & Challenge

The Taxi industry has seen a lot of change in the last in the last few years. Deregulation disruption of new entrants into the market and the increasing pressure for better services has put a lot of pressure on taxi and transportation services providers worldwide. We are committed to helping the Taxi and transportation market address the change and take advantage of it.

Here are the concern in different sectors of taxi opreation:

Taxi Driver

  • Safety issue
  • Navigation
  • Single business mode
  • Low efficiency
  • Competition
  • Fatigue driving

Taxi Passenger

  • Safety issue
  • Detour
  • Inconvenient for tourists
  • No entertaining
  • No Evidence

 Taxi Operator

  • High insurance pay
  • Competition from Uber
  • Difficult to manage drivers
  • No Evidence


  • MDT with Taxi Dispatch System for: e-hailing dispatching, navigation, communication, identification etc.
  • End-to-end solution for taxi full procedure operation: Integration with payment device like POS device, and printer for receipt printing
  • Providing Wifi hotspot and back screen, for passengers’ entertainment and advertising, which increase the added value for the operators
  • HD video streaming and recording for the operators to protect taxi drivers and passenger during the operation, improve the safety for taxi
  • Seat sensor connection to prevent from driver defraud
  • Panic button to report emergency, protecting the passengers and drivers


“Easy to Go”- Drivers

  • Fast dispatching system help drivers get more business;
  • Navigation in case some misunderstandings;
  • Electronic taximeter make sure fair is correct;
  • Emergency support for accidents;
  • Easy for checking the fair without any paperwork;
  • No need to use mobile phones during driving;
  • “One click” for all the operations;
  • All the cases will be stored for proving drivers’ rights;
  • Brand new paying system and “no more cash!”

“Safer & Better”- Passengers

  • CCTV provides safe environments
  • No more detour by GPS tracking
  • All the bullet cases will be recorded
  • Standardize taxi fare with system
  • Great experience with perfect entertaining systems;
  • User-friendly even for tourists;
  • Booking taxi everywhere;
  • Paying by credit cards, electronic wallet;
  • Direct information display (Rear screen);
  • Feel safe and reliable;
  • Evaluating system to improve services;
  • Fast Response During Emergency;

“Value-add Solution”– Taxi Operators

  • Video evidence for claiming back insurance
  • Fleet management system support
  • Dispatching system improving efficiency
  • Number of entertaining services improve enterprise’s image
  • Driver KPI evaluating (Driving Behavior Monitoring, driver attendance)
  • Advertising to help generating profits
  • All electronic data will be backup in servers
  • Cut down operating costs with higher efficiency
  • Funding from other business (shopping malls, restaurants, air ports or government)

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