Howen MDT Improves Efficiency of Pulic Bus in Africa

Howen partners with local System Integrator to launch E-ticket bus system in Africa. The system is a combination of Howen’s hardware and a local partner’s software.

With the development of the urban public transport system, buses have become one of the primary means of transportation for citizens. However, how to manage the bus fares efficiently has become a headache in Kenitra city, Morocco. 

To tackle this issue, our partner identified opportunities to work with Howen and eventually provide an innovative technology for bus companies with the ideal solution to help them equip with an effective way to manage the bus fares and offer local services based on accurate data for efficient bus transportation.

Howen Solution

Howen, the leading VSS manufacturer, is honored to provide the best mobile data terminal system to empower the local Bus Ticketing Solution. The Howen team customized the MDT for the project and got it highly integrated with the local partner’s self-developed APP.
They are perfectly integrated into one complete system, including geolocation systems, surveillance cameras, and internet services.

Howen MDT also has rich interfaces which support various types of accessories. In this project, the MDT is connecting with a Bluetooth printer and NFC reader, and the passenger needs to swipe the NFC card to get in, and then he will get a receipt. Meanwhile, all data can be collected on the backend server.

Up to now, Howen works with the local partner and has deployed this E-ticket bus system in many countries in Africa and helped them resolve the long-standing public transport inefficiency.

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ToF Based People Counter for bus solution

As a leading contributor in the VSS industry, Howen is dedicated to innovation in every possible way.
With that innovation, Howen is going to release a new People Counting Camera. It utilizes the latest 3D ToF (Time of Flight) technology, to provide the best performance of passenger counting solution, with the highest level of accuracy, and can work in complicated ambient light environment, in bus door scenarios.
We believe that it will trigger a great impact on the commercial vehicle applications like public bus, intercity bus, subway etc.

Main Features

  • Support two-way people counting;
  • Passenger counting flow accuracy is >99%
  • Frame rate up to 30fps, provides
  • Proper counting range is within (0.5~3) meter
  • Recognition time is within 25ms
  • Less affected by strong light
  • Lower Power consumption
  • Versatile User interface

Benefits of the latest 3D ToF Technology

  • Greatly avoid detection error of multiple objects
  • Emits infrared light with specific wavelength up to 850nm
  • Can accumulate >90% non-human interference scenes in statistical environment


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