What Made Howen V42 a Hot-selling Dashcam


Howen V42 dual-lens dashcam has always been the bestselling dashcam since its release one year ago, and its unparalleled features make it stand out from other competitors’ products. You might wonder what makes it such an unbeatable choice for the commercial vehicle, so here is the answer for you.

Since day one we developed the V42, we made up our mind to infuse the product with functions to resolve issues that we encountered in our decades’ experiences of fleet management solutions. After hundreds rounds of testing, the V42 eventually was released and deployed in projects worldwide. Its debut stole lightlime from similar products in the market and received countless praise from our clients. Here is why our V42 dash camera wins the competition in the market.

Multiple options to meet different needs

The image resolution on V42 is optional. You can choose either 1M pixels or 2M pixels according to the realistic needs and budget amount. A higher image resolution is not always the better, as we found that some clients actually didn’t need that extra 1M resolution. Therefore, we provide two options, one saves a large amount of money for those who are on the budget, and another provides a decent clearer view for those who have a pursuit for recording quality.

Besides image resolution, our client can also select whether they would like one or two lenses for their dashcam. Howen provides V24 dashcams that only equipped with one front(V42F-2M) or rear lens(V42R-2M). These derivative modules present a more cost-effective selection to satisfy projects with low budgets while providing the same decent image quality.

Profoundly debugged with our MDVR and VSS

One single soldier can not win the war, and it is similar to a product. Our V42 dashcam was adjusted by the Howen product and R&D team to best match with our MDVR and VSS system. Previously in the U.K., our solution integrated with V42 dashcam and MDVR successfully streamlined the surveillance management of a fleet company. Our British client selected Howen solution rather than other vendors because our dedicated customized solution passed the testing from their existing products and platform.

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Howen MDVR Safeguarded Trucks in Guatemala

Howen’s innovation of customized vehicle solutions with Mobile DVR and VSS has never stopped. Lately from Guatemala, we received heart-stirring news from our client that our tailor-made project will be landed in one month. Several months ago, our Guatemalan client reached out to Howen for an applicable solution. They are one of the biggest truck companies which have been operating oil and soil transportation over many decades in Guatemala. 

What made our clients’ headaches?

In daily operation, our client found a series of issues which might cause the millions dollar of loss, such as fatigued driving, oil theft, and so on. It’s also reported that truck accidents happen frequently nationwide in Guatemala. Due to the facts, our client increasingly longs for a vehicle surveillance solution to effectively supervise the internal and surrounding environment of their trucks. Therefore, they proposed a specific requirement of viewing their trucks video in realtime. In addition to the traditional vehicle video recording, the Guatemalan client was very interested in leveraging the power of the latest VSS solution to further cut down the operation cost. 


Customized solution for the “headaches”

After comprehending the needs profoundly, our solution professionals came up with a solution. We selected our Mobile DVR  (model: Hero-ME32-04) as the “trucks’ brain” to process data, as its functions listed below:

  • This economical MDVR supports 4 channels 720p cameras that meet most of the needs of our clients’ trucks.
  • The embedded 1TB HDD is designed with a specialized solid structure to mitigate vibration and protect data.
  • Built-in 4G, Wifi, and GPS modules ensure data transfer without any hinders.
  •  The intelligent G-sensor detects moments of the truck and alarms any unnormal positional changes.
  • Affluent connection ports enable transferring more data from vehicle peripherals to MDVR and VSS.

Other than the MDVR, we carefully chose a dome camera(Hero-C62S0V30-1MR) installed inside the cabin and 3 rear cameras (Hero-C60S0V26-1MR)  respectively installed beside and behind the truck. These wide-angle and water-resistant cameras provide a complete high-resolution view of the surrounding. More importantly, they are tuned by our engineers to match with our MDVR. Truck drivers can view the circumstances round through the monitor and make smart decisions.

Vehicle Service System(VSS) for more possibilities

On the platform side, we provided our self-developed Vehicle Service System (VSS). The multi-functional platform received data from Howen MDVR and renders our clients a management system that they can monitor vehicles in real-time anywhere by installing our dedicated mobile APP and software. Furthermore, the VSS platform is able to locate trucks and record the routes. With this function, our clients can optimize the transporting route and cut down insufficient costs. 


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Howen Police Solution in Kazakhstan

Background & Challenges

By utilizing highly efficient police car dispatching and fleet management MDVR solution, the government cutting down 43 million USD for annual operation. Interior Minister Kalmukhanbet said that once the cutbacks had been implemented, there would be 424 policemen per 100,000 citizens, instead of the current 471. This would bring Kazakhstan closer to the United Nations-recommended ratio of 300 police officers per 100,000 citizens, and he said (Source from Eurasianet).

As thousands of patrol cars have no video recording systems and most of the policemen equipped without cameras, cases have been taken too much time to investigate. Meanwhile, all the missions need to be trackable, and the administration can optimize the term of the action by name.


  1. Video Telematics Solution In

Provide HD video streaming & recording playbacks for police control center;

  1. Remote Monitoring control

In Howen police car video solutions, control centers can use PTZ cameras to review the live videos or checking the status of policemen’s actions;

  1. Communicating Solution

By using the two-way audio communicating system with mobile DVR and body-worn cameras, police officers can react efficiently to commands sent by the control room.

Featured Products

  • Support up to 4 AHD HD cameras;
  • Multiple platforms integrated for remote control;
  • Support Two-way audio systems for dispatching;
  • Cybersecurity standard encrypted for recordings;
  • AES encrypted data transmissions;
  • Anti-vibration based on US military standard;
  • Rich serial interfaces for PTZ system including control Keyboard;
  • Provide up to 2 months of video recordings for investigation;
  • SOS functions for emergency;

“It helps us feel more confident to do reactions when we are on duty.” – RAND Analysis

Benefits with Howen Police VSS©

Rates of assault against police officers are 15% higher when the officers wear cameras, possibly because they feel more confident about reporting crimes once they are captured on camera or because the officers did not keep their camera on throughout their shift. With Howen police car video system, all the videos, including alarm data, have been encrypted by our patent technologies, which avoids police officers change or delete the data with illegal operations.

Furthermore, it brings numbers of benefits by introducing video telematics to police in Kazakhstan:

  • Build trusts and maintain legitimacy between citizens and police;
  • Excellent reports describe the areas that criminals happen in cities;
  • Video-based investigation avoid possibilities of internal corruption;
  • 38% of first responders rank real-time video as top technology that would be helpful on the job;
  • Body-worn camera reduce assaults against officers dramatically;

Howen Police Car MDVR Solution

In Howen Police Vehicle Service System (VSS), Dual facing camera (V42) can deliver high-resolution cabin video and front-view live streaming & recordings to software platforms. Meanwhile, the PTZ camera on the top of the vehicle can provide 360 views controlling by a camera keyboard.

On the other hand, a police officer can be equipped with Howen body-worn camera recording the evidence of assaults against them. In this way, it can present to the court if anyone has objections to the police’s actions.

Meanwhile, more than 20 global fleet management software platform has been integrated with Howen Police VSS providing industrial level services for their local support with AES data encryptions. This would be the safest and most reliable solution for law enforcement.

‘What’s more? AI is coming!’

In this year, Howen is the first one solution provider introducing AI technologies to a police video system to increase efficiency and avoid human mistakes, dedicating to build up an actual ‘smart city’ with IoV concepts.

With 3rd Party algorithm and the most potent AI chipset, the Howen MDVR system can run a complex calculation to detect license plate and face recognition when an emergency occurs.


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Howen Awarded VSS Project for Oil & Gas Truck in Russia

Breaking news:

According to Russian media reports, a tanker truck carrying 500 litres of fuel exploded on a mountain road near Karpinsk city in Northern Sverdlovsk region. The oil tanker carrying passengers illegally turned over into a roadside trench due to uncontrollable speeding, and subsequently burned and exploded, causing 7 injured and 4 dead.


Most of the traffic accidents are caused by bad driving behaviour, which included:

  • Driver over speed, harsh brake, harsh acceleration
  • Fatigue Driving, Distraction Driving

Therefore, stronger measures need to be taken to prevent such traffic accidents, and the government is now focusing on more effective regulation and supervision on the road fatalities.

Recently, Howen was awarded another Vehicle Service System project for Oil & Gas truck in Russia.

The oil & gas industry is a significant business of the Russian economy. It brings not only rich economic benefits to Russia but also plays an important part which can influence their international and regional politics.

As one of the oil & gas industry leader in Russia, the client has hundreds of oil & gas trucks running in the country. As thus, strengthening the fleet management is incredibly urgent for the client.

To meet the client demanding, Howen designed an industry-leading end to end solution for the project, including mobile DVR solution and fatigue detection solution along with world-famous FMS platform Wialon, and Howen CMS platform. When any fatigue detected or alarm triggered, Howen VSS system will upload the alarm video clip to the centre server for evidence analysis.

Howen is looking forward to cooperating in more projects with partners in various kinds of industries in the future to explore the development direction of the VSS industry and jointly create a safer world.

Paraguay Public Bus Guarded By Howen VSS

The Republic of Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America. Its southern border is entirely bordered by Argentina, while the northeast corners Brazil. The public bus is the primary transportation tool in the country. It helps the country to connect with surrounding states and regions.

To solve the commute problem for local people, Paraguay provides cross-border buses for people to travel between Brazil and Argentina, which brings convenience and benefits to every party.

Therefore, in the construction and the improvement of the transportation facilities, the public vehicle safety issue is a concern of the government.

Howen’s client runs the biggest company in the country and faces the vehicle management challenge as many other major operators.

As a leading supplier and solution provider on VSS, Howen has rich experience in designing optimized solutions based on different demands and various situations.

After one year of Howen technical support and professional services, all of the requirements were satisfied, and Howen won the project.

Howen offered the economic MDVR (Hero-ME41-04) that could support dual streams and real-time monitor for local recording, and built-in G-Sensor for harsh acceleration.

With Howen cost-effective VSS solution, the client is not only able to save operation costs and avoid high losses led by traffic accidents, but also make contributions to the modernization of public transportation.