Economical Mini

Perfect for law enforcement

Suitable for Police or Private Use

Versatile Uses

Howen has developed a diverse range of body cameras, including local models and 4G/LTE models. These body cameras find extensive applications in law enforcement agencies such as police, fire, and ambulance services. Additionally, they are also utilized for private security purposes, such as by drivers involved in goods delivery and other relevant sectors.

Cost-effective and fully featured

Howen’s Body-worn camera is perfect for capturing critical video evidence. It offers HD recording, audio, GPS, and night vision capabilities. Designed to be reliable in challenging environments, it is an ideal choice for law enforcement, security, and professionals who require dependable video documentation.

HD Recording

120 degree
wide angle

10 meters
night vision

Light weight


12h continues recording
based on 720p@30fps

Built-in display
with audio

Micro SD card
up to 512GB

Super Fast and Scalable Design

Howen’s body-worn camera is designed as a self-contained system, offering real-time evidence collection capabilities.  Its lightweight design ensures easy wearability on uniforms, providing convenience and comfort for users.


● Rugged and durable design
● Withstanding harsh working conditions


● Multiple options, easy to use
● Convenient data transmission

Fully Featured

● Collect video, audio, and images
● Powered by Howen VSS Platform

Howen Body Camera Solution (4G version)

The Recording Data of the Local version Bodycam needs to be exported through a USB disk.