Howen Solution for Public Bus

Howen’s extensive experience in VSS ensures our unwavering commitment to global bus transportation safety, addressing the common concerns shared worldwide. We are dedicated to safeguarding bus transportation and its passengers on a global scale.

Market Demand & Challenge

School bus transportation has become increasingly crucial worldwide. However, it faces rising accidents and numerous challenges that require solutions. These include addressing students’ behavior on buses, establishing proper bus stop locations by schools, handling parental complaints (some of which may go directly to the principal), implementing seat reservations or fixed seating arrangements, regulating eating and drinking on buses, mandating the use of designated buses for allotted students, determining pick-up and drop-off protocols, and ensuring appropriate bus markings. Resolving these issues necessitates collaboration among schools, transportation providers, parents, and students. By implementing effective measures, we can enhance the safety and efficiency of school bus transportation systems.

Howen VSS Solution for School Bus

Howen AI mobile DVR is available for integration with 3rd party algorithm running on the system, which can be deployed for different applications such as  Fatigue detection, ANPR, Face Recognition, ADAS, ANPR, etc..

Howen stop arm camera supports H.265 at up to 4K resolution so that delivers smooth and clear images to the recording systems for evidence.

01/ Protect Students


02/ Protect Driver


03/ Protect Vehicle


Advanced Image Technology

Integrated and Open Solution