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Market Demand & Challenge

The taxi solution industry has experienced significant changes with deregulation, new market entrants, and growing demand for better services. This has placed immense pressure on taxi and transportation providers worldwide. We are dedicated to assisting the industry in addressing these changes and capitalizing on them to drive growth and success.

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02/ Taxi Passenger

03/ Fleet Operator

What we provide?

Howen VSS Solution for Taxi

Howen offers MDT with Taxi Dispatch System for e-hailing dispatching, navigation, communication, identification, etc.  Our VSS solution for taxis incorporates advanced technologies and features to enhance operational efficiency, passenger safety, and overall service quality.

MDT with Taxi Dispatch System

Our solution includes a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) integrated with a Taxi Dispatch System, enabling efficient e-hailing dispatching, navigation, communication, and identification for taxi services.

End-to-End Solution for Taxi Operations

We offer a comprehensive solution that covers the entire taxi operation process. This includes integration with payment devices such as POS devices and printers for seamless payment transactions and receipt printing.

Seat Sensor Connection

Our solution incorporates seat sensor technology to prevent driver fraud. This ensures accurate tracking of occupied seats and prevents dishonest reporting by taxi drivers.

HD Video Streaming and Recording

Our solution offers HD video streaming and recording for enhanced passenger and driver safety, providing valuable evidence in incidents or disputes.

Panic Button

To ensure passenger and driver safety, our solution features a panic button that allows immediate reporting of emergencies. This enables swift response and appropriate action to protect the well-being of passengers and drivers.

Wifi Hotspot and Back Screen

Our solution provides a Wifi hotspot and a back screen in taxis, offering passengers entertainment options and displaying advertisements. This adds value for operators by enhancing the passenger experience and creating additional revenue streams.

Benefits for Taxi Operation

yellow cars of the taxi stand in one row on the city street
Avoid bad driving behaviors and easy to check the attendance
Increase passengers by using e-booking system
Count Taxi fee Automatically by specified system
Effectively increase taxi utilization and increase profits
Raise ROI by introducing advertising services
Enhance passengers’ experience by applying infotainment and network