Simplified & Affordable


for commercial fleet



minutes installation, plug and play


 step connected to FMS


Model No.: Hero-MC30-01

Its small form factor guarantees optimal visibility on the road while capturing clear and dependable footage. With this reliable and unobtrusive companion, the driver can experience enhanced safety without compromising the field of view. 

Experience pristine clarity with its high-resolution video capture, ensuring every detail is captured with precision and accuracy. Enjoy crystal-clear footage that provides a reliable record of your fleet for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

Take control of your fleet with the convenience of remotely waking it up using messages or phone calls. Enjoy the flexibility and ease of accessing the vehicles from anywhere, ensuring you never miss a moment of important footage.

 Elevate your fleet management capabilities with the option to connect an additional external camera. Gain a more comprehensive view of vehicles and drivers, capturing multiple angles and improving overall situational awareness. By utilizing this flexible and customizable solution, fleet security and situational awareness can be enhanced.

✔ 1 step connect to dozens of FMS
✔ Direct connection via H-protocol/API
✔ Covering tens of millions of commercial vehicles