#4ch/8ch 1080P


● Latest chip and firmware
● H-protocol consistency
● Optimized Structure
● Optimized GPS

Why Choose Howen MNVR?

Optimize your fleet management

The Howen MNVR maintains a compact design while offering high-cost performance and flexible expandability through the Howen AI box, which enables the support of AI functions such as facial recognition (FR), driver monitoring system (DMS), and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Additionally, the innovative Sleep mode allows the MNVR to operate with ultra-low power consumption, preserving the vehicle battery when the ignition is off.

Furthermore, the redesigned hard disk case by Howen not only supports 4TB disks but also significantly enhances anti-vibration performance. This improvement ensures the safety of recorded data and minimizes recording loss rates.

hw MNVR bg


Most Reliable Recording

● New-designed HDD structure
● Innovative dual-flash design


GPS Accuracy

● Optimized GPS sensitivity
● GPS low-power mode
● 2-3s relocate after tunnels


Lowest Latency

● Video with almost “zero” lag/delay
● Minimum delay of GPS/speed OSD

Optimize User Experience

Convenient Installation

• Cable Harness for video inputs, save size/dimensions
• Multiple length of cable, for easy connection

Easy Config by iTool APP

• Save Capex cost: no need of monitor+remote controller
• Save Labor cost: speed up installation
• One-click to add IPC

Convenient Installation

• Full supported by Powerful VSS
• FMS via Same H-protocol, no need additional device
• Same accessories supported

Most Suitable for

Passenger Counting Solution

PoN Ethernet port provide Power+Data

No limitation of door quantities

Most accurate Algorithm of passenger counting

No need of main unit for analyzing


Maximize Deployment Options