# OIML R 21 certified

AI Based Taximeter

- Howen Smart Moblie Data Terminal

All-in-One !

Android Taximeter

Metering, E-hailing, Dispatch, Surveillance, Navigation, Payment, Attendance, AI, etc.

High reliability

Anti-vibration protection, High-temperature resistance up to 80 ℃

Rich interfaces

Anti-vibration protection, High-temperature resistance up to 80 ℃.

Open SDK

for software integration.

AT5 V2

High-end and More Comprehensive

AI inside


Cashless payment


Multi-media play

Mileage calculation

OIML R21 certified

Approved by NMI (Netherlands),
the ONLY qualified body for issuing OIML R21

After the most critical and professional testings, Howen MDT is granted with OIML R21 (taximeter) Certificate, Howen is the FIRST and ONLY taximeter manufacturer in China, that has passed this in NMI, which is the only qualified lab in the world for issuing OIML R21.

Advanced Vehicle Dispatching Tablet

Howen AT5 (V2) is a smart and rugged Android 7.1” tablet specialized for commercial fleet management. With the powerful processing capacity and diverse I/O connections, it is competent to cope with any heavy dispatching duty.


AI Taximeter Solution

Taximeter, certified with OIML R21, China’s FIRST and ONLY company certified in NMI (the only qualified body for this certificate)

Cutting-edge ADAS and DMS system, to rectify bad driver behavior, and to guarantee safe journey

People Counting based on advanced Face ID algorithm based on camera + MDT, effectively eliminate the illegal passenger transaction

Open for Customer's/3rd party TDS, or Howen own TDS


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